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I design and develop visually stunning websites

Hello, I'm Alex, a front-end developer + web designer based in New York City, pursuing a degree in Multimedia Programming.

On campus, I am a web development tutor / supplemental instructor and an aspiring developer by night. I am passionate about developing web apps with Angular4 and in the near future become a full stack developer.

I am a career driven person who is passionate about my personal growth by helping others and myself through coding.

On my free time, I enjoy doing coding challenges at codefights.com, drinking coffee, and playing video games.

My skills

I take creative designs and develop them with code.


I do magic, well sort of. I work with people to make their ideas into reality. My web design process is to define the project, plan, code, optimize, and maintain.


I first sketch by hand wireframes. After this process I use a protyping tool like Sketch to design the overall look.


I design in the browser with HTML5 and CSS3 and some Javascript for interactivity. I enjoy creating from scratch with SASS but I often utilize front-end frameworks like Bootstrap.

My work

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